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Infoview Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

With immense pleasure, Infoview Systems, Inc. is happy to announce we are silver sponsors of the 2023 Mule Dreamin conference and proud advocate of MuleSoft and Salesforce platform!

With our Hyderabad office not far from this year's event, it's truly exciting to see a MuleSoft focused event based in India supported by such a strong local Muley fan base 😊

Infoview’s MuleSoft journey started in 2016 and has taken our team across the globe, introduced us to many valued partners, cultures, and provided endless learning opportunities – all while offering rewarding and unique experiences for those involved. For those not familiar with our background, we started as a pure IBM i/AS400 (a server often referred to as a legacy system or mainframe) consultancy back in 94, and worked our way into the integration space in the early 2000’s.

While working with a retail customer here the United States, we noticed a gap in the market for IBM i to MuleSoft integrations. This hurdle led to the development of our first connector product – the MuleSoft Certified IBM i (AS/400) Connector and officially started our rabbit hole into the platform 😊. As the years progressed, we worked with customers in a variety of verticals including manufacturing, distribution, insurance, finance, banking, and logistics while additionally launching our pure MuleSoft professional services business arm. As our customer presence grew, we also opened new offices in Hyderabad, India and Warsaw, Poland and additionally had the pleasure of welcoming many new smiling faces to the team including many freshers from the local areas.

Fast forward to the present day, we focus on keeping the MuleSoft ecosystem healthy by promoting the platform to partners and customers globally in need of a variety of integration needs with the ultimate goal of making it easier to connect systems together while spreading knowledge about the platform. With a focus on speed, value, and integrity, Infoview strives on becoming a trusted integration partner to those we work alongside and strive to give back to our local community through events such as Mule Dreamin as well as our InfoCare Foundation.

As a few members of Infoview’s US team attended the Salesforce Trailblazer event in San Francisco last spring, we look forward to the Mule Dreamin conference this year as it will provide the team a chance to support the local MuleSoft community while making many new friends in the area.

Our very own Satya Mandal, CTO and Anup Kumar Panda, Sr. Engineer will be demoing some of our products at the conference covering three distinct use cases:

  • API's

  • CDC: Change data capture

  • RPA: Robotic process automation

We look forward to seeing you there and truly excited to take part in the first of many Mule Dreamin conferences to come!

For more information, Visit the website.

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