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We have lined up performances that will leave you in awe !! We’ve got standup comics to make you laugh. Enjoy an electrifying dance performance. Sing along with amazing singers. So we’ve got you all covered.

Expand your knowledge into a new technology like MuleSoft and open up additional career opportunities. Many organizations are adopting MuleSoft to improve their integration capabilities, and there is a growing demand for professionals with MuleSoft expertise. Attending MuleDreamin and learning about MuleSoft can help you position yourself for such career opportunities and make a transition into the MuleSoft ecosystem. Your existing skills can be applied in conjunction with MuleSoft's integration capabilities and explore new perspectives.

We’ve got excellent learning opportunities for freshers where you can learn the fundamentals of Mulesoft, advanced concepts, best practices and some real-world use-cases. This can help you build strong foundations in the platform. Engage in conversations, ask questions, and seek mentorship from industry experts. Building relationships with experienced professionals can provide valuable guidance, career advice, and potential job opportunities in the MuleSoft ecosystem. Stay updated on the latest trends and demonstrate your commitment towards continuous learning and professional growth.

Deepen your integration expertise by exploring MuleSoft and attending MuleDreamin events, you can enhance your integration expertise and learn how to design and implement complex integration scenarios involving Salesforce. Unlock advanced integration possibilities: While Salesforce offers native integration capabilities, MuleSoft provides more advanced integration options, such as API-led connectivity, data mapping, and transformation.

As a non-technical person, you can focus on understanding the business benefits and use cases of MuleSoft. Learn how MuleSoft can help organizations integrate their systems, streamline processes, improve data quality, and enhance customer experiences. By understanding the business value of MuleSoft, you can effectively communicate its benefits to potential stakeholders or decision-makers. Collaborate with technical experts to leverage their knowledge, and consider exploring non-technical roles within the MuleSoft ecosystem by becoming business analysts, project managers, and consultants.

Mule Dreamin strives to cultivate a culture of learning, collaboration, and community involvement within the MuleSoft and Salesforce ecosystem. It empowers attendees to deepen their comprehension of MuleSoft and various other technologies under the Salesforce umbrella i.e. Tableau, Slack, AI, and Automation, exchange innovative ideas and forge connections with like-minded professionals.

All are welcome! Whether you're a coding guru, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about MuleSoft's integration platform, join us! Developers, architects, administrators, business analysts, and all professionals fascinated by MuleSoft are invited to connect, learn, and explore together. Don't miss out on this inclusive and exciting opportunity!

All you need is to Register for the event through the official event website. Registration details, including ticket prices, availability, and instructions.

Keynote speeches: Watch prominent members of the MuleSoft community while delivering inspiring talks and sharing industry insights. Presentations: See how experts and practitioners share their experiences, success stories, and technical knowledge related to MuleSoft and integration projects. Panel discussions: Panels of experts engage in discussions and Q&A sessions on relevant topics. Networking opportunities: Attendees can connect with other MuleSoft enthusiasts, share ideas, and build professional relationships.

Unlock a world of possibilities for your brand! Become a sponsor and seize the spotlight in front of the vibrant MuleSoft community. Showcase your cutting-edge products, services, and solutions to a captivated audience. Ready to make a lasting impression? Contact our event organizers and volunteers today to secure your spot and exhibit your business with confidence. Don't miss this golden opportunity to elevate your brand's presence at a MuleSoft Dreamin event!

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Engage actively: Actively participate in sessions, workshops, and discussions. Ask insightful questions, share your thoughts, and contribute to the overall event experience. Connect with sponsors: Visit sponsor booths or virtual spaces and engage in meaningful conversations. Learn about their offerings and express your interest. Sponsors often have swag giveaways or contests specifically for attendees.

A pre-sales person can provide valuable insights into Mule-soft & Salesforce capabilities, use cases and best practices which will help you understand the requirements better and tailor solutions during the pre-sales process. You can use solution demonstrations for potential customers. Pre-sales professionals can leverage MuleSoft's customer success stories to highlight the platform's benefits and demonstrate how it has helped organizations