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  • by Harshit Sharma

Amit Chaudhary

In the vast Salesforce ecosystem, where innovation and expertise thrive, Amit Chaudhary stands out as a prominent figure. With over 11 years of experience in the field of Salesforce, Amit's dedication and expertise have helped him to become a 22x certified Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame Member—a testament to his deep understanding of the Salesforce platform and his commitment to excellence.

Currently serving as the Salesforce Practice Head at Info Services, Amit plays a pivotal role in driving successful Salesforce project implementations. His leadership and guidance have enabled organizations to leverage the power of Salesforce to transform their business processes and drive growth.

Amit's extensive knowledge and hands-on experience consistently highlight his profound understanding of Salesforce's capabilities and their effective utilization in delivering impactful solutions.

Beyond his professional achievements, Amit's true passion lies in knowledge sharing and community building. As the founder of Apex Hours, a renowned Salesforce knowledge sharing platform, he has revolutionized the way Salesforce professionals access and share information.

Apex Hours, with its impressive following of over 88,000 subscribers on YouTube and 59,000+ followers on LinkedIn, has become a go-to resource for individuals seeking insightful tutorials, discussions, and updates related to Salesforce.

Amit's commitment to knowledge sharing extends to his active presence on LinkedIn, where he engages with his community of over 32,000 followers. His dedication to providing guidance, answering questions, and fostering meaningful discussions on LinkedIn demonstrates his unwavering commitment to the growth and success of fellow professionals.

Key Achievements

  • ❖ Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame Member

  • ❖ 88k+ Subscribers on Youtube & 59k+ followers on LinkedIn of Apex hours

  • ❖ Developed free LMS for the community

Amit consistently goes above and beyond to share his expertise, insights, and guidance with the Salesforce community. His willingness to help others succeed and his dedication to continuously learning and evolving have earned him the admiration and respect of colleagues, peers, and aspiring Salesforce professionals.